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Who We Are

Executive Committee is a working body of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea, an international organization supported by the Central Asian Governments. Executive Committee IFAS (EC IFAS) is working for cooperation in the Region in the field of water resources and environmental management. Executive Committee is currently based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

IFAS Board meeting, December 2010

EC IFAS: Mission, Vision, Strategy 


The mission of EC IFAS is to coordinate cooperation at national and international levels in order to use existing water resources more effectively, and to improve the environmental and socio-economic situation in the Aral Sea Basin. EC IFAS serves as a platform for a dialogue among the countries of Central Asia, as well as the international community.

The overall mission of EC IFAS is to serve the people of the Aral Sea Basin.

Its vision is Improved living conditions for the people of Central Asia”.    

The overall strategy of EC IFAS is to work more effectively to fulfill this mission. However, in order to successfully implement the ASBP-3 projects, the capacities of IFAS bodies and EC IFAS need to be strengthened.

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