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The Aral Sea Basin Programme (ASBP) is the main long-term action program in the region in the field of sustainable development, and especially in the management of water resources and environmental protection. The Program includes national and regional projects aimed at sustainable development with the main focus on using existing water resources more effectively and efficiently in the Aral Sea basin.

The Aral Sea Basin Program-3 (ASBP-3) is a joint effort of the donor community, the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the civil society. It is a vision for the future, a blue print for development, peace and prosperity in the region.


The ultimate objective of ASBP-3 is to improve the living conditions of the people in the region. In other words: It is to improve the socio-economic and environmental situation by applying the principles of integrated use of water resources to develop a mutually acceptable mechanism for a multi-purpose use of water resources and to protect the environment in Central Asia taking into account the interests of all the states in the region.  


ASBP-3 works in four directions:


Integrated Use of Water Resources

Environmental protection

Socio-economic development

Improving institutional and legal instruments

ASBP-3 development


The Executive Committee of IFAS (EC IFAS) has the primary responsibility of designing and setting up ASBP and monitoring its implementation. 

Guided by the decision of the Heads of States of April 28, 2009, the Executive Committee of IFAS (EC IFAS) drafted ASBP-3.

The project preparation process involved extensive consultations among national and international experts to develop program priorities and project proposals. EC IFAS was in continual dialogue with the donor community (in particular with the World Bank, European Union, USAID, GTZ, and SDC) in order to get their comments and ideas.

Thus, ASBP is a joint effort and an on-going process, which involves all national governments of the Region, civil society and the international donor community.


This resulted in an agreed list of criteria for project proposals to be included into the Program:

  • National projects to be implemented within one state and primarily financed from the national budget
  • Regional projects to be implemented in the territory of two or more states
  • Meeting the ASBP goals and objectives
  • Meeting one of the directions of ASBP
  • Linking with the corresponding national and regional policy goals and programs

After that, EC IFAS asked member countries to prepare project proposals in accordance with the above criteria. In response, EC IFAS received a total of 335 project proposals including 149 proposals for Direction 1, 100 for Direction 2, 71 for Direction 3, and 15 for Direction 4.

The proposals were clustered and 44 of the most relevant and appropriate projects were identified.


These projects are ready for financing and ASBP-3 is looking to raise the required resources for these proposed projects. 

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