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World Bank’s strategy for the development of IWRM in the region is in many ways convergent with the developed Third Aral Sea Basin Program.


The World Bank initiated the Regional Program on improving hydrological, meteorological and climate services. By the decision of IFAS Board the Program was approved for the implementation within the EC IFAS – ASBP-3 framework.


Water-energy nexus is the core area for the World Bank’s activities in the Region. Consequent development directions identified by the Bank: power generation, power transmission, water productivity, improving the dialogue between water organizations in the Region. The Bank is initiating a comprehensive Central Asia Energy-Water Development Program (CAEWDP), which aims to improve diagnostics and analytical tools to support the countries of the region in well-informed decision-making to manage their water and energy resources, strengthen regional institutions, and stimulate investments.


Under the existing water–energy-climate change concept the specific activities have been implemented in the countries and scheduled for the implementation in collaboration with USAID. The Bank is coordinating the climate adaptation program for Tajikistan. The methodology used by the Bank in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to develop an understanding of measures to address energy vulnerability to climate change is planned by USAID to apply in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Therefore, USAID will support the EC IFAS in two areas: the assessment of the region's vulnerability to climate change and the development of mutually beneficial agreement on multipurpose use of water resources.

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