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  • UN Economic Commission for Europe under the Programme on Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia, supported by the Government of Germany through GIZ GmbH is providing assistance to the Central Asian countries in the development of cooperation in transboundary water management. The work of regional institutions in Central Asia is hampered by their weak position in the political system. Recognition and implementation of guidelines in water sector are missing. Capacities of regional institutions responsible for water management (in particular IFAS – International Fund for saving the Aral Sea) need improvements. The two components of the Program: Component 1 on Fostering regional institutional capacity and Component 2 on Strengthening transboundary river basin management are aimed to address this situation.
  • UNECE promotes National Policy Dialogues on IWRM in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) which are seen as an integral part within the European Union Water Initiative. The idea is to establish national coordination groups involving interested parties, including ministries to organize workshops aiming to discuss national priorities within the possible projects and programmes on IWRM. The financing for preparation and organization of the workshops will be implemented by UNECE from the funds of the European Commission. Co-partner of this process is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
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