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Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Within the OSCE space the ecological security problems of Central Asia are amongst the most acute. The Aral Sea problem is one of the priorities under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan in OSCE.

In support to strengthening regional cooperation with regard to the problems of the Aral Sea basin the OSCE’s multidimensional approach to security makes it a particularly appropriate partner for the EC IFAS future efforts. The EC IFAS received EU and US statements at the Permanent Council OSCE meeting in support to the Central Asian countries’ activities for strengthening existing efforts and projects aimed to address and prevent the problems of water, food, humanitarian and, in general, environmental security in the region. The support expressed was also related to the legal and institutional improvement of IFAS as a long-term development of regional cooperation.

In October 2010 the High-level Public Hearing on the Aral Sea was held with participation of representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, and the OSCE Secretariat in Brussels.

Within framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the IFAS Executive Directorate and the OSCE Centre it is expected to implement a number of projects, including those aimed at strengthening mechanisms for water management in the Aral Sea area. One of the practical solutions within the OSCE framework is an initiative to create mechanisms for monitoring and preventive response to environmental threats.

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