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IFAS Executive Committee implements its activities in accordance with the priorities of development, set by the heads of states in the Joint statement of April 29, 2009 joint-statement-of-the-central-asian-heads-of-states.pdf [36,42 Kb] (downloads: 21)


The goals set by the Central Asian governments to IFAS present an interconnected complex task.

In preparing the Third Aral Sea Basin Program the project proposals aimed at development of mutually acceptable mechanism for integrated management of water resources and environmental protection were developed.

EC IFAS has taken steps to promote IWRM in the Region at the national levels, implemented regional initiatives to create a platform for dialogue on planning and policy.


Executive Committee IFAS  aims to develop regular and close cooperation with International community in order to achieve support in the implementation of action plans, undertaking work to draw attention to the problems of the Aral Sea basin: the conservation of water resources and ecosystems, socio-economic development.

Children's drawings competition, Nukus school, Priaralye

In order to successfully implement the ASBP-3 projects, the capacities of IFAS bodies need to be strengthened and effectiveness to be increased. This especial necessity noted in the Joint Statement, stands for development of the legal framework for water resources management based on the international experience. In this regard strengthening cooperation with international organizations is seen as an important part of the efforts taken by EC IFAS to accomplish institutional improvements and the ASBP-3 implementation.

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