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Our Mission

The Executive Committee IFAS is mandated to implement the priority environmental and socio-economic objectives of the Aral Sea Basin countries, IFAS members, through better cooperation in managing and conserving regional water resources. We aim to develop a viable framework for strengthening dialogue and partnership between member-countries as well as with foreign governmental, non-governmental and international organizations for the development, approval and implementation of regional project activities that are supported by and serve the interests of all member states.

National performance in Turkmenistan


Our Vision

EC IFAS has prepared and is working for the implementation of the Third Aral Sea Basin Program for the period of 2011-2015 (ASBP-3). The ASBP-3 is the main long-term action program in the region in the field of sustainable development, and especially in the management of water resources and environmental protection.

The ASBP-3 presents a conceptual summary of the national and regional projects fitting into the strategic development directions and containing precise objectives and indicators for improving socio-economic and environmental situation in the Region.

The ASBP-3 preparation process produced an opportunity to accomplish a review of the regional activities executed in the last decades, and based on the analysis of forthcoming challenges to develop the long-term vision of the regional cooperation needed to achieve sustainable development goals.


Our Strategy

EC IFAS developed the Plan of activities for effective elaboration, endorsement and implementation of the ASB Program and improvement of the political platform linking the national, regional and international institutions for the joint and coordinated work. In order to successfully implement the ASBP-3 projects, the capacities of EC IFAS and other IFAS bodies need to be strengthened. Our activities are aimed at setting a close link between the ASBP-3 and the process of improving institutional and legal framework.

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