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International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) performs its activity on the basis of decisions of the Council of Heads of states, Board of IFAS, IFAS Regulations, the Agreement on the status of IFAS and its organizations.


As experience is gained the governance structure of IFAS is improved. At the meeting of Presidents of Central Asia in Almaty on February 28th 1997, the decision for principal reorganization of the governance structure of IFAS was taken. This structure is active at present. In 2003-2004. by the decision of the IFAS Board the Coordination Metrological Center as one of the ICWC executive bodies, and the Regional Centre of Hydrology (RCH) under the auspices of the EC IFAS were incorporated to the Fund’s structure.


Agreement about the status of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea and its organizations agreement_ifas_status_eng.pdf [111,29 Kb] (downloads: 29)

Regulations the IFAS ifas-regulations-eng.pdf [66,44 Kb] (downloads: 19)


IFAS Structure


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