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The first Working group meeting within the framework of Regional Programme on Improving Weather, Climate and Hydrological service delivery in Central Asia took place on the 10-11th of February in the World Bank office in Almaty.

The Working group included representatives from national hydro meteorological services (NHMS), EC IFAS and World Bank experts. During the meeting final steps for institutionalizing the Initiative, aimed for signing Memorandum of Understanding between NHMS of Central Asia, were agreed.

Further, the meeting agenda included discussion of regional and national activities related to technical modernization of NHMS enriched by hydromets’ comments. The most priority directions were identified. Based on the expertise assessment the indicative budget was compiled (around 40 mln US dollars) and the operational costs were assessed.

As for coordination mechanism – the preparatory and organizational work will be continued by World Bank. Also it was agreed that the Regional Centre of Hydrology (RCH) which is a structural part of the EC IFAS will be in charge of organizing and coordinating the Working group activities. Considering these aspects it is supposed that RCH will make essential contributions in coordinating the Programme implementation, especially in relation to ASBP-3.

The meeting work outcomes were presented to the heads of NHMS participated in the meeting via video-conference. 

Further, the meeting discussions covered financial aspects. It was suggested that main part of modernization of TajikHydromet and KyrgyzHydromet services will be financed respectively by Pilot Program for Climate Resiliency (PPCR) and Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). However, the named financial means are not enough for Programme implementation.

The role of donor organizations in supporting the Initiative was considered. In these terms, World Meteorological Organization (WMO), International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), GFDRR, European Commission, UNDP, USAID, GTZ and Eurasian Development Bank were involved in order to discuss possibilities, fundraising plan and initial ideas for contributions.
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