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As part of the interim evaluation phase of the "CAREWIB" project the meeting of the Steering Committee for project implementation was held in Tashkent. The Steering Committee is presented by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation, financing the project activities, and structural bodies of IFAS - the Executive Committee and the Secretariat ICWC.

The meeting participants introduced the reports on the implementation of the preliminary work and discussed further actions, including the comprehensive assessment of the project.


More detailed information on the interim phase of the CAREWIB project – “Central Asia Regional Water Information Base Project”


The interim phase of the project is implemented in order to identify opportunities for further development of the existing informational system of CAREWIB and institutionalize cooperation with regional and national organizations in and out of the region.


For this purpose, experts from stakeholder organizations will make an independent assessment of the project. This analysis will reveal the results achieved in the area of interagency cooperation and coordination in Central Asia, the attention will be focused on the usefulness of the «CAREWIB» project, as well as its potential contribution to the effective implementation of the mandated obligations of IFAS.

Independent evaluation will also determine contribution of the database and the water portal in the process of informed decision-making in transboundary water resources management, IWRM in general, as well as the readiness of the Central Asian countries to use, to provide financial contribution to the database and portal «CAWater» after the intermediate stage.


The specific objectives of Interim Phase 3 are the following:

1. Closer inter-institutional cooperation under the IFAS umbrella with the purpose of fostering the development of a water management decision support system and responsibility for respective data collection and input;

2. Contribute to streamlining the institutional structure and of access to information services in the Central Asian water sector;

3. Enhanced content and increased access to the Information System, including strengthened data collection and information retrieval mechanisms at the regional and national levels

4. Enhanced scope and scale of the CAWater-Info Portal including an online platform of modeling tools

5. Various information products including digital publications regularly disseminated among target user groups and other interested parties


Since 2009 the role of EC IFAS in the regional transboundary water resources management dialogue has been revitalized and confirmed by the heads of the IFAS member countries in a joint statement on April 28, 2009. Rationalization of the institutional structure of information services is an important factor in strengthening the decision making system in water management. In this regard, EC IFAS is intensifying efforts to coordinate and organize the relevant project activities.
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