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The working meeting within the project proposal of France and the UN ECE - “Strengthening capacity for data administration and exchange for monitoring and assessment of transboundary water resources in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)” was held in the office of the Executive Committee IFAS.


The project proposal was developed by the International Office of Water with involvement of International Water Assessment Centre and the French Ministry of ecology, energy, sustainable development and sea, within the framework of activities covered by the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (The UN ECE).


The project aim is capacity building in data administration in relevant national and local authorities, as a consequence, ensuring support in implementation of policies as well as activities related to transboundary water resources management. The project implementation is aimed to contribute to establishment of an electronic catalogue of metadata received possibly from those organizations which prepared them in order to ensure more responsibility for produced information.

Identifying two pilot basins in EECCA and dissemination of the results following project implementation is planned at international scale, respectively in relation to other transboundary basins of EECCA region.


Preliminary free-flow discussions covered technical and organizational aspects of project implementation. On the whole, discussions were of introductory character, because representatives of the organizations-project developers aimed to clarify potential of the IFAS in project implementation and representatives of the EC IFAS intended to consider to what extent the project is set to the future activities plan.


The project feasibility activities included visiting other IFAS bodies, including the SRC ICWC (Scientific Research Centre of Interstate Coordination Water Comission) and other relevant structures. As a result, further discussions took place on the 20-21st of January. By this moment, project representatives had an opportunity to get vision of informational and monitoring potential of regional organizations, in particular, the SRC ICWC, BWO “Syrdarya”, and Regional Centre oh Hydrology, and the existing difficulties preventing the effective data exchange.


More precise project proposal consists of data catalogue with an opportunity to present different information and regulate the level of access; master-plan for the data analysis used for decision-making; implementation of common rules and procedures in data exchange. In turn, the EC IFAS representatives offered an opinion regarding the necessity to initiate establishing and developing regional dialogue on the basis of the national information sources.

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