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The national consultations within the framework of the Aral Sea Basin programme elaboration (ASBP-3) for the period of 2011-2015 took place in the Kyrgyz Republic on the 26th of March.

The meeting participants included Chairman of the Executive Committee IFAS S., head of the Regional working group for the ASBP-3 development and implementation, and technical director of the EC IFAS, and UN ECE regional adviser on environment; and representatives from the interested ministries and offices of the Kyrgyz Republic (Ministry of natural resources including Agency for water resources, Governmental committee on environment, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of energy, OJSC “Electric stations”, Ministry of finance, Ministry for economic regulation, Ministry of emergency situations, Ministry of transport and National Hydromet.

The EC IFAS Chairman S. Ibatullin presented information on implementation of the GTZ project “Regional dialogue and cooperation for transboundary water resources management” and the ASBP-3 development process. The UN ECE regional adviser Bo Libert and technical director of the EC IFAS Alfred Diebold provided summary of contributions made by the international organizations and consultants within these processes. Director of the Agency for water resources C. Uzakbayev presented information about the national process on the ASBP-3 preparation and gave brief summary of proposals from the national ministries and offices.

The meeting discussions of the Programme development process included comments and proposals to the Framework document on the ASBP-3 development. The meeting participants pointed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the EC IFAS and all interested parties in this process. 
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