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The Second Meeting of the Working group of national, regional and international experts with involvement of representatives from donor organizations on Institutional and Legal Strengthening and Development of Aral Sea Basin Programme-3 took place in Almaty, 20-22 of April. The meeting was convened by the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) and facilitated by the UNECE under the program on Regional Dialogue and Cooperation on Water Resources Management in Central Asia, financed by the Government of Germany through GTZ (German Agency for technical cooperation).   

The meeting of the Working Group is a regular stage aimed to summarize transitional results within the ASBP-3 development process and provided opportunities to agree on common vision on the project content taking into account the national and donor financed programmes. 

Heads of the working groups on the four directions of the ASBP-3 (integrated water resources management, ecological, socio-economic and institutional-legislative) presented reports on the current activities including the outcomes of the national consultations held in each country. The EC IFAS also presented information about the results of the working meetings with representatives of international and donor organizations, in particular, the donor coordination meeting results of the 17th of March.

The Working meeting incorporated group sessions according to each of the four directions; the discussions aimed to bring to agreement the issues of project content and formulation, including identifying the problems, objectives, targets, project implementation indicators, taking into consideration revised Framework Document on the ASBP-3 development.

Within the meeting conclusions the EC IFAS Chairman S. Ibatullin notified the meeting participants that project proposals should be submitted to the EC IFAS no later than the 20th of May 2010. Also the decision to establish working group consisting of two representatives from each country was taken; the working group activities will include preparation of changes and amendments to the IFAS statutory documents within the institutional and legal improvement.

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