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Under the PR program the EC IFAS with support of German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) organized an international competition amongst children's essays and drawings from March 15 to April 25, 2010. "Aral: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" contest was carried in the states-founders of IFAS. Active support and participation in organizing and conducting an international competition was provided by branches of the Executive Committee and local education bodies in the countries.

The contest was aimed to analyze the impact of the IFAS activities and identify the state of affairs regarding public awareness of environmental issues in the region and formation of ecological culture of the younger generation, as well as wider involvement of students into practical conservation activities, and promoting responsible attitude towards the environment.

To date, the results were summed up and winner award ceremonies are being carried out in the field. With this purpose, in the areas Dangara and Mir Said Ali Hamadoni of Khatlon oblast, Tajikistan EC IFAS and GTZ representatives were sent. Ceremonial presentation of prizes to winners and finalists of the competition in the Dangara and Mir Said Ali Hamadoni districts were conducted with participation of representatives of local authorities, education bodies, the event was publicized in the media, including Dushanbe TV.
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