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On July 29, 2010 Chairman of the Executive Committee Sagit Ibatullin addressed the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna. Within the OSCE space the ecological security problems of Central Asia are the most acute. The challenges faced by the countries in implementing joint management of water resources, including in the framework of IFAS, are related to the climate change, degradation of water and land resources, rapid population growth. In order to ensure preventive response to the environmental threats in the Aral Sea Basin more effective cooperation between all countries of the region is required.


In response to the report by the Chairman of the Executive Committee IFAS the statements by representatives of Belgium and the United States were made in support of the Central Asian countries’ activities for strengthening existing efforts and projects aimed to address and prevent the problems of water, food, humanitarian and, in general, environmental security in the region. The support expressed was also related to the legal and institutional improvement of IFAS as a long-term development of regional cooperation. Currently, IFAS has played a key role in the development of dialogue at the global level and coordination mechanism of activities undertaken by member-countries, international, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
Regional cooperation on the problems of the Aral basin in the framework of the OSCE: the OSCE’s multidimensional approach to security makes it a particularly appropriate partner for IFAS future efforts. At the Summit of Heads of States on April 28, 2009 the President of IFAS, N. Nazarbayev pointed that Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in the OSCE enables the countries of the region to highlight the Aral Sea problem and to try to establish a full-fledged dialogue on this in the framework of this largest regional organization. One of the practical solutions within the OSCE framework could be an initiative to create mechanisms for monitoring and preventive response to environmental threats.



S. Ibatullin urged the OSCE participating States to support this initiative and provide financial and technical assistance in the development and implementation of regional projects to enhance regional security in Central Asia.
In support to the speeches about IFAS activities and putting this initiative into paper other member countries and candidates for the OSCE joined.


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