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On October 12th the European Parliament held High Level Public Hearing on the Aral Sea problems with the participation of representatives of the international political and economic organizations, experts and analysts.

The meeting was organized by Struan Stevenson MEP, personal representative on ecology and environment of the OSCE. The Hearing was attended by European Commissioner for the Environment J. Potocnik, the coordinator of the OSCE Economic and Environmental issues G. Svilanovic, EU Special Representative for Central Asia and Georgia P. Morel, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe J. Kubis, Head of the Regional Centre for preventive diplomacy for Central Asia M. Jenca, the delegation of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.  

The Hearing included discussions about the impacts of the environmental disaster of the Aral Sea on the sustainable development at local, regional and global levels, and the actions and efforts taken to combat its effects.

The chairman of the Executive Committee IFAS S. Ibatullin reported on the current situation and further perspectives in this regards. Problems of the Aral Sea are considered within the complex water and related problems of the Aral Sea basin. In addition, there are new challenges in the Region, including climate change, which affect water management and have both systemic and local nature. It is necessary to ensure an integrated approach in addressing water resources management and environmental development. One example of successful solutions on conservation of the Aral Sea is the project - the North Aral Sea, which provides an integrated solution to the environmental and socio-economic problems of the Aral Sea area (Priaral’ye).

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