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The Donor Coordination Conference for the Third Aral Sea Basin Program- 3 (ASBP-3) took place in Almaty on December 9th.


Objectives of the Donor Coordination Conference.


The Donor Coordination Conference is envisaged to obtain formal support to the proposed ASBP-3, in particular:

  • To receive approval of the main objectives and priorities of ASBP-3 by donors, possibly in the form of a resolution, declaration or joint statement;
  • To receive pledges by donors to implement their on-going or planned projects in the ASBP-3 framework and pledges of financial support to projects included;
  • To demonstrate to donors the commitment of the five Aral Sea basin countries to joint solutions of the problems connected with the Aral Sea tragedy and to finding long-term solutions in this area;
  • To demonstrate to the donors the commitment of EC IFAS to ensure adequate monitoring of ASBP-3 implementation as well as coordination with donors throughout its implementation period;
  • To agree on major steps for coordination in the implementation of ASBP-3. Such steps might include regular (e.g. every six months) meetings of the Donors’ Advisory Group organized by EC IFAS, holding a mid-term review meeting in 2013 and a concluding conference in 2015.

Donors are invited to develop and adopt – jointly with other organizations present – a declaration of commitment to support the implementation of ASBP-3. Negotiations on the text of such declaration are underway with key donors and with IFAS member-countries, and a draft will be communicated before the meeting. Donors may wish to include the following issues in the declaration:

a) To support the draft ASBP-3 and its selection of main clusters;

b) Stability of support by EC IFAS to the implementation of ASBP3;

c) Transparency and regular information exchange during program implementation, including regular information exchange;

d) Commitment by the Governments of IFAS member countries to implement regional projects;

e) Regular monitoring and evaluation of project implementation.


References to emerging issues such as adaptation to climate change may be included in the declaration.


More detailed information on the scope and purposes of the Donor Coordination Conference scope-and-purposes-of-the-donor-coordination-conference.doc [281 Kb] (downloads: 6)

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