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ASBP-3 is presented to the IFAS Board meetingThe final draft of the ASBP-3 was presented during the high-level meeting of the IFAS Board members and representatives of the donor community. The donor and international organizations delivered support to the developed Program as it was expressed in the Statement adopted following the Donor Coordination Conference held on 9 December 2010, where representatives of the donor community positively discussed work implemented by the EC IFAS in the development of the ASBP-3.

IFAS Board took decision to send the ASBP-3 document to the Central Asian Governments for approval by the March 1st, 2011.

IFAS Board meeting was held straight after the meeting with the donor community. IFAS members discussed the number of issues related to the EC IFAS activities within the Action Plan on implementing the Joint Statement of the Central Asian heads of states, IFAS project activities, including the Program on improving the Central Asian Hydromet services. 

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