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The working meeting of the EC IFAS with representatives of the international and donor organizations took place in Almaty on the 17th of March. The meeting aim was to summarize and discuss preliminary results within the development process of the Action Programme on providing assistance to the countries in the Aral Sea basin, which is part of implementation process of the Joint Statement of the States-founders IFAS adopted on the 28th of April 2009.

Information about the decisions taken by the IFAS Board and EC IFAS and implemented in the period from the first Donor consultative meeting (held on the 17th of November 2009) and about the Framework document and the national consultations held in the countries within the ASBP-3 development process. Also the information related to implementation of the GTZ project “Regional dialogue and partnership in water resources management” was delivered.

Representatives of the EC IFAS, international and donor organizations, European Commission experts had discussion regarding the ASBP-3 development process, including comments and proposals to the Framework document. The meeting participants approved the steps undertaken by the EC IFAS concerning clarification and explanation of project selection criteria, development of related attachments to the document which would include more clear vision, aims, target indicators and implementation indicators in order to improve the ASBP-3 projects selection process. The comments and proposals on these aspects made by the donor, international and regional organizations at the present and previous meetings and delivered during the national consultations were taken into account.

In turn, the donor and international organizations provided brief information regarding the projects planned in the region and financing opportunities for the ASBP-3 which should address the necessities of the countries and rely on the potential of international community. The representatives of the donor and international organizations emphasized the need for sustainable and evolutionary development of the institutional and legislative mechanisms of the IFAS for the ASBP-3 implementation.

The meeting participants stressed on the working level of the meeting and many issues considered. Submission of project proposals is expected by the 15th of April; information on this matter and related to projects selection procedure will be delivered to the Donor Coordinative meeting on the 22nd of April following the Second Joint Working group meeting on improving organizational structure and legal basis of IFAS and ASBP-3 elaboration.

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