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Aral Sea Basin Program-3

Since the early 1990’s, the issue of water in the Aral Sea Basin has been seen in the context of regional security and stability. It is recognized that water is valuable and is scarce. There are enough water resources in the Region but they are not used effectively. As a result the use of transboundary water resources in Central Asia is a major source of potential conflict.

On April 28, 2009, the Heads of the Central Asia states made a joint statement, highlighting the important role of IFAS in coordinating and addressing the fundamental aspects of cooperation between the countries in Central Asia and between the donor community, including international financial institutions.

The Heads of States also expressed their commitment to change the organizational structure and contractual and legal framework of IFAS to help improve its performance and to increase its ability to cooperate with financial institutions and donors to implement the Aral Sea related projects and programs. They also confirmed their intention to help expand the operation of the Fund and to develop cooperation between international organizations.  In addition, they confirmed a state commitment to the principles of the integrated management of water resources (IMWR).

The statement confirmed that the countries in Central Asia were interested in the development of mutually acceptable mechanisms for the multi-purpose use of water resources and protection of the environment in Central Asia taking into account the interests of all the states of the Region.

It was also decided that EC IFAS in Almaty has to develop the next Aral Sea Basin Program.


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