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Although availability and transparent exchange of information are the key instruments to maintain effective and efficient regional cooperation in transboundary water resources management, limited access to data on water/land resources use and socio-economic situation in the Aral Sea Basin has been an obstacle for making adequate short- and long-term planning and decision making on trans-boundary water resources management and on implementation of relevant policies.


Access to the informational databases is restricted or difficult. The technical and organizational problems (difficulty to obtain baseline data and information, lack of trained personnel and lack of unified methods) hinder the exchange of information and make accountability and reporting complicated.


The solution for this problem is seen in the establishment and operation of related legal, institutional and technical mechanisms in collection and exchange of data between the major producers, suppliers and consumers of information in the region, and its analytical component.


The required activities include analysis of situation in the field of information collection and exchange, elaboration of recommendations and proposals for the development of information system and institutionalization of cooperation between existing and future providers of information.


The relevant analysis is being undertaken within the interim phase of the “Central Asia Regional Water Information Base” (CAREWIB) project in order to identify opportunities for further development of the existing informational space of the region.

For this purpose, experts from stakeholder organizations make an independent assessment of the project. This analysis will reveal the results achieved in the area of interagency cooperation and coordination in Central Asia.

Independent evaluation will also determine contribution of the database and the water portal in the process of informed decision-making in transboundary water resources management, IWRM in general. An external review of the CAREWIB mid of 2011 shall additionally help clarifying and defining its role and contribute towards that end.


The specific objectives of Interim Phase 3 are the following:

1. Closer inter-institutional cooperation under the IFAS umbrella with the purpose of fostering the development of a water management decision support system and responsibility for respective data collection and input;

2. Contribute to streamlining the institutional structure and of access to information services in the Central Asian water sector;

3. Enhanced content and increased access to the Information System, including strengthened data collection and information retrieval mechanisms at the regional and national levels;

4. Enhanced scope and scale of the CAWater-Info Portal including an online platform of modeling tools;

5. Various information products including digital publications regularly disseminated among target user groups and other interested parties

More detailed information on the interim phase of the CAREWIB project – “Central Asia Regional Water Information Base Project”


Building capacities for better informational exchange in the Aral Sea basin countries is a priority issue which shall be addressed from different perspectives, including improved access to the existing data sources.

The project “Capacity building in data administration for assessing transboundary water resources in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)” is developed within the implementation activities of the UNECE “Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes.

The overall aim of the project is to build capacities in data administration within the main national and regional authorities concerned in order to develop information production and sharing of homogenous and consistent information necessary for providing support to transboundary water resources management policies and action, whether at national and local levels, or for regional assessments.

The project is implemented by International Office for Water (IOWater). It will technically coordinate the activities financed by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM).

For more detailed information introduce the project website

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