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USAID’s grant assistance to IFAS supports the elaboration of a long-term comprehensive regional water resources management agreement by providing thorough analysis of the economic and welfare ramifications of optimum water-resource management in the Aral Sea basin.


A thorough and credible analysis that catalogues and quantifies the potential benefits that the countries individually, and the region as a whole, stand to reap will give an opportunity to conclude a viable and sustainable agreement and also facilitate dialogue on the details of any such arrangement by providing the countries with a basis to conduct negotiations. USAID’s grant will also support research of the risks the region faces with respect to the impact on the region’s water resources of global climate change.


The grant assistance of USAID provides support to the IFAS activities, which is to facilitate the elaboration and implementation of sustainable modalities for cooperation and mutually acceptable mechanism on integrated use of water resources and environmental protection of Central Asia taking account interests of all states of the Region, which is set in the Joint Statement of Heads of states-founders of IFAS.

EC IFAS held the open tender within procurement of consultancy services for Component 1 “Comprehensive analysis of the economic value of the integrated use and conservation of water resources in the Aral Sea Basin” under USAID grant.


Following the tender opening procedure and evaluation the recommended company is “DHI, COWI and GWP CACENA”. eng_protocol.pdf [653,05 Kb] (downloads: 21)

On the basis of "Regulations for the efficient and targeted use of funds allocated under the USAID grant”, Cooperative Agreement AID-176-A-00-10-00002-00 from 25.09.2010 signed between USAID and EC IFAS, Tender Committee of EC IFAS on April 1, 2011 took decision to engage for implementation of the project under Component 2, "Vulnerability analysis of economic infrastructures to climate change: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan the consulting agency “Worley Parsons Europe Ltd”.

Contract for consulting services with the company «Worley Parsons» scheduled to be signed after agreement with USAID.


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