Document of ASBP-3 in English asbp-3_short-version_final_eng.pdf [365,31 Kb] (downloads: 31)


Executive Committee of IFAS incorporated comments and suggestions to the ASBP-3 received from the relevant ministries and agencies of the Central Asian countries. At present the document is at the consultation stage in the Governments.

Expedition to the North Aral Sea was conducted in August-September 2011 by Professor of Geography at the University of the West Michigan Ph.Micklin, Dr. N.Aladin and Dr. I.Plotnikov of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main purpose of the expedition was to evaluate the success of a project to raise, stabilize, and improve the ecology of the Small Aral Sea.

In order to improve the organizational structure and legal framework of IFAS the Executive Committee held the regular working meeting of experts to prepare proposals for making amendments and additions to the statute documents of IFAS.

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